Redneck Wind Chimes

In Decorations and Ornaments on March 4, 2012 by John Layfield

America has a real love/hate relationship with the socio-economic grouping commonly known as “rednecks.” On the one hand, rednecks are seen as more “real” and grounded than the (apparently fictitious and sky-dwelling) city folk, their homespun ways leaving them more fulfilled and at peace than any amount of stock brokerages and interaction with differing viewpoints could ever give you. On the other hand, lol rednecks.

In summary, rednecks are drunks but they love the flag but they’re dumb so they use it in stupid ways but beer is good and American so it’s not stupid but it’s a wind chime made of beer cans so it’s stupid but it’s, like, ironic or something so it’s not and my head hurts and America should just decide whether to make rednecks the ruling class or send them to the mines already, is what I’m saying.


2 Responses to “Redneck Wind Chimes”

  1. Mines!

  2. Mines… on the MOON!

    Unfortunately, you’d have to vote Gingrich for that happen, I guess.

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