The Children’s Book of America

In Books and Writing on February 15, 2012 by John Layfield

You might suggest that seeing as this is a book called “The Children’s Book of America”, an American flag does not really meet the criteria of “unnecessary.” But I feel SEVEN flags are unnecessary, complete with red piping along with a border of white stars on a blue background. This is a children’s school book, by the way. Spoilers: It ends with the moon landing and a prayer to God because nothing happened in the 70’s, especially not in south-east Asia.

Hey, we’re out of beads, Big Chief. Here, have a flag in exchange for all your land. I know the little revolutionary drummer boy has his hands full, but they could have put a flag in his hat or something. Finally, man, does that dog hate America or what?

Thanks to browser/commenter TP for pointing out there were seven flags and not six like I originally posted. I think I subconsciously only counted six because the seventh flag is the flag of rest and so shouldn’t be counted.


2 Responses to “The Children’s Book of America”

  1. I count seven.

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