Performance Pipelining, Inc.

In Cars and Travel on February 13, 2012 by John Layfield

Pet peeve, fellow Americans: I hate seeing signs or vehicles for local businesses, visiting them and expecting to see some good, wholesome WASP-y Americans there and then finding it staffed by the Hun or the Red Army or something. That’s why I can appreciate this fine logo. Nothing says America quite like… pipe lining. Yeah.

On another note, if you dig under the surface of any object or person, you can find the flag of their true nation there. Feel free to try it out and root out those traitors!


7 Responses to “Performance Pipelining, Inc.”

  1. I dug underneath myself, but found nothing. What does it mean?

  2. Hey all,

    I am the CEO of Performance Pipelining Inc. Come in and see what we are about, I welcome anyone and everyone who questions the patriotism, values, or commitment of our company. I myself am a Marine; a pie pitting, knuckle dragging, pipe hitting Recon Marine. I entered the Marine Corps in 2008 and graduated Basic Reconnaissance Course 7-08 as the honor graduate.

    More than many of my employees and myself have deployed to combat to defend this country. Trust me when I say, Performance Pipelining Inc is an all american company that displays the American Flag to honor this country.

    • I’m glad you felt the need to prove your American staffed American company in America with its American flag logo is, in fact, sufficiently American but that’s exactly the sort of long con a socialist traitor would try and play.

  3. /Users/CORBIN/Desktop/Lion PPI 2.jpg

  4. hahaha damn, got me there

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