Scrapbook Materials

In Crafts on November 15, 2011 by John Layfield

A flag button is a little subtle, what with those bright, primary colours so I’m glad that the name of the country the button represents is also there. “AMERICA”!

What’s the point of nationalistic slogans that go to extremes anyway? We know how they go. “Stars and Stripes Forever”, “America the Beautiful”, “United We Stand”. It’s so clichéd. How about “Stars and Stripes Until Corruption Weakens the Nation Until It Can No Longer Function As A Representative Democracy Whereupon It Will Be Replaced By An Alternate Method of Governance”? OK, it could use some work.


One Response to “Scrapbook Materials”

  1. i like the aptly-placed “SUX” stickers off to the right. that was deliberate, right? just nod.

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