Sticko Stickers

In Crafts on November 3, 2011 by John Layfield

Cultural exchanges rule.

“Fiddle de diddly dee!”


“Ah sure, would you not prefer a shamrock or a pipe to all this gun stuff, fella?”



“…me legs don’t work.”


3 Responses to “Sticko Stickers”

  1. but there are no gun stickers in the solider set, see? we teach our kids non-violence! meanwhile y’all are promoting drugs and alcoholism : P

    (…i’m actually shocked that there are no guns)

    • That’s why I respect the U.S. military. Other armed forces may shoot people (how gauche) but the U.S. just drive around and look at things through binoculars until everyone just lets them win.

  2. […] More lessons in cultural exchanges. […]

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